Solid Asset Solutions
Solid Asset Solutions


Asset Liquidation Services

Monetization of Assets

Should a problem arise, Solid has capital available to back a disposition with guarantees. We can also acquire assets outright, often providing an upside sharing arrangement on recoveries beyond an agreed upon threshold.

Retail Inventory Dispositions

Solid provides strategic store closings, specialty retail events such as warehouse and tent sales and other strategies to effectively manage problematic situations to manage obsolescence and to stream line operations paving the way for successful repositioning, restructuring or renewal. Solid practitioners have more than 35 years of experience and are a valuable resource that understands how to maximize value. 

Consumer & Industrial Disposition

Solid will manage build-outs, conversions, conduct processes that incorporate value added processes and perform the required logistics to maximize net recoveries respecting raw material, work in progress, and finished goods inventories. 

Solid has the capital and will purchase end of season overstocks, product changeovers and duplicative inventory from clients. Solid protects its clients brand equity and business relationships throughout the process. 

Machinery & Equipment Dispositions

Solid Asset Solutions provides in-depth programs for retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. Solids operating experience and expertise is applied to develop disposition formats to meet its clients’ needs thru on-site public and private negotiated sales, auctions and web-based sales. 



We perform successful live on-site dispositions with real-time internet bidding, as well as timed online dispositions which can be seen throughout the world in real time.  All of our sales are conducted by our professional auctioneers with no less than 20 years’ experience who know and understand the products being sold.


Sample Auction Brochures