Solid Asset Solutions
Solid Asset Solutions


Asset Liquidation Services


Solid’s team of seasoned professionals has a broad and deep expertise in all facets of advisory. SAS’s team provides in-depth insight in its valuations that provides you with a clear understanding of the numbers thus enabling you to make appropriate business decisions.

Retail Inventory Assets

Solid Asset Solutions excels at conducting “Store Closing” sales, the most efficient method of liquidating retail inventory and furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E). The Solid retail team is comprised of experts at analyzing, planning and executing the liquidation of assets in a retail setting, thereby maximizing the net recovery achieved on the assets.

Consumer Products Inventory Assets

Inventory is not always on the shelves of a retail store when the need for liquidity arises. For this reason, Solid has developed advisory methods for consumer products that are located in non-retail environments such as a manufacturing facility, a distribution center, a third-party logistics provider’s facility, or customs.

Commercial Inventory Assets

Retail consumers aren’t the only customers who demonstrate volatile demand. Through strategic planning and diligent execution, Solid liquidates commercial inventory products – including raw materials, WIP and finished goods – in need of disposition due to surplus, obsolescence, insolvency, or any other reason.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) / Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Assets

Whether it is standard FF&E, industrial machinery, vehicles, or tech/computer equipment, Solid identifies and implements the best advisory solution so that recovery values are maximized during advisory. In cases where facilities need to be returned to an “empty box”, Solid’s experienced team implements the best solution at the lowest expense so that the retail, corporate, manufacturing, warehouse or other type of facility is left in broom clean condition.