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Solid Asset Solutions


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SAS clients are principally members of the financial community - including commercial lenders, private equity sponsors and turnaround professionals  - who must rely on the underlying value of certain business assets as collateral for loans, investments and divestitures. SAS provides the most critical attributes sought in asset valuations:



SAS applies its in-depth monetization experience to all valuations. The firm’s disposition group peer reviews all valuations with the understanding that they may be called upon to monetizethe assets at some point in time.




Reliable gross and net disposition values are fundamental to a valuation. Valuations are developed using proven techniques by our highly experienced valuation team and supported by real disposition results. In addition to providing asset valuations that can be counted on, SAS provides lenders and borrowers reliable, timely report delivery. SAS understands the time constraints usually associated with a valuation and meets its clients time constraints.



Financial Strength:

Solid has the available capital to support its valuations with a guaranteed recovery amount or other structure.


Retail Inventory, Commercial Inventory, Industrial Inventory and Machinery & Equipment


Apparel, Automotive, Beverages, Chemical, Construction, Electronics, Food, Footwear, Home goods, Housewares, Metals, Plastics, Retail